I have a Facebook Page so, I no longer need a website.

Wrong! And here’s why. These days a lot of young businesses get wrapped up in their Facebook Page and think they don’t need a website. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Google search is still KING! When potential customers want to find your product or your service they use Google. They don’t use Facebook. Google uses keywords while Facebook uses intrusive cookies. Google is a search engine while Facebook is a social media marketplace. Google uses web crawlers while Facebook, once again, uses intrusive cookies.

You must have both a web presence and a Facebook page.

So for the forseeable future Google’s search engine will find your products and services and, to do so you must have a website. And, you must have a Facebook page since it is the marketing powerhouse that allows you to build a community of followers (customers). Sales leads are generated by both your website and your Facebook page. So,, both are must haves!

Sierra Vista Websites links websites to Facebook pages.

When we publish news articles, sales events, tips and tricks, new products, new services and other business changes on your website they are automatically published to your Facebook page. This eliminates tedious duplicate entries or rekeying. Sierra Vista Websites shares your news articles to most of your social media sites killing 3 birds with one stone so to speak. It’s that easy. We ensure your website, Facebook, Twitter and other important social media sites never become stale and outdated. Websites are simply a must-have and, we invite you to visit our web development page and learn more.


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