Sierra Vista Websites is the very best website designer in Sierra Vista, and for good reason! We build rock-solid, dependable websites that serve your small business well. When designing your website we include security features into your design at the very beginning of your project.

Good security and great website design go hand-in-hand

As the premier website designer of Sierra Vista, we design each website with security in mind. What does this mean? Well, we ensure sound security features are implemented and included with each website build.

Our website designer includes these security features when designing

a. We keep your new website updated with the latest patches. Updates usually contain security patches.

b. We backup your website every night just in case!

c. We do not allow administrative accounts named Admin. Hackers and bots are depending on careless website designers using Admin usernames that are guessed easily.

d. We limit the number of login attempts to your website.

e. We assign long, complicated passwords and change them often.

f. A great website designer is nothing without a reliable hosting provider. Our hosting provider is top-notch is every measurable way!

g. We minimize the number of Admin users who have access to your website.

h. We delete any unused plugins. Plugins increase the amount of code that makes up your website. Minimizing the code decreases the vulnerabilities your site may be exposed to.

i. Great website designers use reliable plugins that are frequently patched and updated, and are well supported.

j. We use two-factor authentication for all accounts. A strong password and a code with a short shelf life are required when logging into your new website.

k. We install very strong SSL certificates that encrypt all of your pages, and we require HTTPS. Google now favors sites that are fully encrypted.

l. Security conscious website designers demand and use the PHP version 7 or higher as their general-purpose scripting language.

m. We limit file permissions to only those that are necessary. Read write and execute permissions are limited.

n. We configure the Google Search Console for every website, and Google monitors your website free of charge. You see Google doesn’t want a lot of infected sites appearing in their search results!

o. We monitor your website for suspicious activity of any kind.


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