Sierra Vista mobile websites are all mobile friendly!

All of our websites that we build are “mobile friendly”. Our Sierra Vista mobile websites work across platforms of all sizes. Whether you are viewing your new Sierra Vista Websites website on a large-screen TV, a huge iMac, a large desktop monitor, an Android tablet, an Apple iPad, an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone; your website appears correct and proper!

What is “mobile friendly”?

In the old days, there were two versions of a website. One version was for displaying on a desktop computer and, the second version was specifically designed for display on a mobile smartphone.

This is no longer the case. Now days, we develop only a single version of your new website. Your new website will adjust itself as it is displayed on a variety of monitors and screens. We call this a mobile friendly website. No more duplicate entries and worrying about how to cram a lot of information onto a very small smartphone screen. Our websites are beautiful when using a small smartphone – no problem!

Why is mobile friendly important!

Sierra Vista mobile websites are absolutely essential! Desktops are becoming passé. Even most baby boomers use smartphones when shopping and looking for your products and/or services. Smartphone usage is above 72% of the population now. If your website is not mobile friendly you are definitely losing business on a daily basis. A typical household uses several devices each day including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Sierra Vista mobile websites are fast – zoom!

Our mobile websites are fast, well designed and contain killer navigation! Your customers (and Google) can find what they are looking for quickly and without hassle. We optimize your images so they display quickly on smartphones. Your mobile website home page will look beautiful and enticing as well.

Want to test your website for mobile friendliness?

Google offers a free test that reviews your website and determines if it is mobile friendly. This year Google will begin ranking your website higher if it is mobile friendly. They made this decision simply because of the large percentages of searches that are now conducted on smartphones.


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