At Sierra Vista Websites we develop premium websites, not 1-hour GoDaddy skeletons!

When we see the popular GoDaddy commercial exclaiming that you can create your own website in just one hour; we are saddened. This is a huge lie! Sure you can create a skeleton of a website with your business name, address and telephone number scattered throughout your shiny new GoDaddy website but; the site is basically empty. It contains very little content and, of very little use to your potential customers.

Months and months of hard work

A typical Sierra Vista Website takes 3 to 4 months of hard work to build-out and develop. It requires hours and hours of discovery about your business. It requires lots of good sound content that is well written and sensical. Some of our sites contain hundreds of top-quality photographs and hours and hours of pertinent videos.

Content is geared towards the theme of your new website

All of this content is written to support the theme of your new website. The theme or underlying purpose of your website and the problems you are trying to solve dictate the copyright and business content that we insert into all areas of your online presence. In other words we ensure the content is worth reading and, it is inviting for your website visitors who may spend hours and hours looking over your content.

Our websites are complete products when launched

So, we don’t hand over a new website to you and tell you to fill in the blanks. We launch your site as a complete product and fully ready to go on day one when placed online.

We involve you with the project

Finally, a quality website is a lot of work for both parties, us and you. We will ask you hundreds of questions and, we will keep you involved with the project throughout the entire build-out. You will witness the new website as it is constructed and, you will have many opportunities to make changes as the site takes shape. We get your sign-off on each page of the new website as it is being written. This process ensures quality control and no surprises come launch day.

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