Websites that inspire us!

Periodically, Sierra Vista Websites will display websites that catch our eye. Listed here are some of the more appealing home pages we have found on our travels around the Internet. Aren’t they beautiful? We think you’ll agree!

Native Governance Center home page home page

The Native Governance Center home page is one of our Sierra Vista website design team’s favorites! Look at the vivid colors in this minimalist design. The designer used symbolism, color shadowing and opacity to refine their presentation. The logo is really beautiful and striking!

City of Sierra Vista home page home page

The Public Affairs Department of the City of Sierra Vista has done a wonderful job marketing and branding the City’s services. Their logo is simply two paint brush strokes representing the community’s mountains and bike trails. They have mastered the placement of their expressive logo and great taglines on their website; pamphlets; vehicles; and signage. The new Sierra Vista sign on the outskirts of town is large, modern, colorful, location appropriate and really beautiful.

Explore Cochise

Explore Cochise home page home page

Explore Cochise grabs us because of its appropriate Wild West design. Our Sierra Vista website design team loves the designer’s combination of logo, colors and typography (font selections) all which scream Old West with a modern flair. We love the beautiful slider scenes which are location appropriate and the transparent menu and header. Nice job!

Visit Tucson

Visit Tucson home page home page

Visit Tucson is such a well designed website that is so representative of the Old Pueblo. Its use of color and photography is top-notch. The designer took chances and they paid off in spades. The navigation and flow of this site is very well planned and exceptional. Visit Tucson is a great example of why all websites should include professional photography.

Fish Maui

Fish Maui home page home page

Fish Maui is an old site whose design is timeless. The nautical ocean maps are a great background and the purpose of the site is revealed immediately. This is an excellent example of an effective and attractive small business website. Superb website design!

Visit Sierra Vista

Visit Sierra Vista Arizona home page home page

Visit Sierra Vista is an extension of the main City of Sierra Vista website. The City made a wise decision to split the City Services from the City Visitor Center. This minimizes confusion and enables each Organization to fully represent the unique services they provide. We congratulate the City’s Public Affairs Department; they have done a remarkable job educating the residents of the large variety of city services and city activities available within our high desert, mountainous community.

Maisonette home page home page

The typography used on the Maisonette ecommerce website is gorgeous and theme appropriate. The crayola drawings used as backgrounds is very creative and instantly sets the tone for the potential customer. The photography is outstanding and gives a sense of quality to the brand. Nicely done!

Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort hompage home page

The photography placed on the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort is professional and well done. Too many times businesses don’t understand the importance of professional photography and, its positive impact on representing your business. The photography on this website really makes you feel as if you are on the resort as you explore its amenities. The logo is spot on!

United Community Bank

United Community Bank homepage
United Community Bank home page

This website for a small community bank in North Dakota uses the new domain extension .bank. Most banking websites are overwhelming and present too much information at once. The new United Community Bank website presents minimal but important information. The photography consists of high quality stock photos that represent family. Nicely done!


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