Frequently Asked Questions

What sets apart a Sierra Vista Website from others?

Our websites are complete with photos and content. On launch day you have nothing to do but announce your new website. Most website developers will provide you an incomplete website that lacks any meaningful content. Sure you can create a GoDaddy website in one-hour, but it doesn’t contain any content. It’s a skeleton. Content is KING! When Google crawls your new Sierra Vista Website, it will find oodles and oodles of content that it can then index. Obviously, this increases your chances that potential customers will find you when searching for your products and services.

How do you create content for my new website?

We thoroughly research your industry by studying other websites. Then we write your content page by page. Once we have written your content for a page, we will ask you to review it and ensure it is correct and representative of your product or service. We collaborate heavily with you during the entire build-out of your new website to ensure that each page contains content, photos and videos that are valuable to you, your site visitors and to Google. This is why our typical website takes several weeks to complete – it is a lot of hard work and involves thousands of adjustments to ensure it accurately reflects your business.

Where do you get your photographs and videos for my new website?

Typically we use stock photos that are purchased from large reputable stock photos companies. Stock photos are included in the purchase price for your new website and, they are no extra charge.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you allow us to hire a local professional photographer to take photos of your employees, any awards and accolades you’ve received, your products and/or services as well as pictures of your business settings. Professional photography is not included in the purchase price of your new website proposal, and they are an added expense.

Will you use photographs provided by the client?

Yes and no. Yes, if the photos are large enough (2048 pixels in width or above) and are high quality. No, if the photos are small. No, if the photos are low quality. We are very particular about the quality of photos used on your new website. Photos are so important, and they reflect positively or negatively upon your business and upon us.

How do we begin our project?

Call us at (520) 335-8785 or contact us and, we will schedule an initial meeting with you at your business location.

The purpose of our first meeting is to become familiar with one another; to understand your business and the business you are in, and to identify your customers and any problems or priorities that you may have. We will also take note of your products and services and specifically, what you want your new website to achieve. Finally, we will define your budget for the project.

Should we agree that we are a good fit for your project, we will develop a proposal for you.

Why should we trust Sierra Vista Websites?

We have been developing websites since 1990 and, in particular, WordPress marketing websites since 2008 working with some very large customers such as the United States Army and Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders, Incorporated. Take a look at our portfolio we’ve completed, and visit the websites that we have designed and developed. Like our style? Also, we are a proud member of the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce, and we are very active in the WordPress open source community constantly refining our web development and web design skills.

How much will my new website cost?

Our websites range from $2,000 on up. Your project costs will be delineated line by line in your proposal. We base your project costs on time, number of pages, number of products and services, the complexity of the site and the investment value of the new site to your business.

Are SVW websites a worthwhile investment?

We develop a one-of-a-kind custom website for you that contains great content. Our premium sites are complete and will attract customers and business to your doors. We spend a lot of time and effort designing your site, and no detail no matter how small escapes our scrutiny. Our sites have made our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, and our quality Sierra Vista Websites are a business investment that are open 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Your products and services are available to the public at all times. It enables your customers to become familiar with all aspects of your business without any interruptions on your part. Our websites allow customers to find you from their living rooms on smartphones or tablets. Simply put, websites are a sure way to increase your returns on investment.

To help our clients afford their investment into a new website, you may pay for your website in several installments. A typical proposal will break down your payments as follows:

Initial invoice – 1/4 of total project cost – due upon signing the proposal

Design invoice – 1/4 of total project cost – due once layout and design are agreed upon

Functional invoice – 1/4 of total project cost – due when site functionality is completed

Final invoice – final payment – due just before your new site launches

Are there any other fees?

Yes. Once your new website launches, we charge a monthly fee for hosting your website and for supporting your website. Typical hosting and support fees are $59.95 per month. This includes one-hour of our labor. That’s a good deal!

Other fees may include charges for converting old content, custom themes, premium software applications, professional photography, new logos, enhanced old logos and graphics.

Will my new website be mobile-friendly?

Yes. Your new online masterpiece will display correctly on iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, Android tablets, small and large laptops, desktops, iMacs and all kinds of large monitors and screens.

What are the standard features included with my new website?

We include the following items in every website we craft:

Contact form – sales leads land directly into your inbox

HTTPS – your site will be encrypted with a top-of-the-line SSL certificate

Social media connections – to your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts if present

Domain name – included with your monthly hosting fee

Testimonials – provide us your praise and, we will sprinkle positive comments all over your new website

Design – beautiful design, typography and color schemes that display nicely on all mobile and desktop devices

Reliable platform – your new web presence will be sitting on a solid foundation built with WordPress, a popular code base that supports over 30% of all websites on the Internet

Backups – we backup your website and database on a daily basis – when hackers strike we are able to quickly restore your critical website. This is included with your monthly hosting fee

Security patches – we patch and update your website and software applications frequently keeping your new website operating at peak performance – included with your monthly support fee

Attentive development – we develop only one website at a time so that our focus during the build-out of your online presence is strictly upon you and your new project

A great site will produce dramatically better results than a good site, which may translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.


After only tens days upon launching their new website Sierra Remodeling is receiving sales leads.

Well sir, it’s official.

We just got our first lead off the new website and, we will be going out in a couple days. And a good one too. A room addition and interior repairs! Thanks again. ~ Sierra Remodeling and Home Builders, Inc., Sierra Vista, Arizona


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Need more convincing? Want to see some proof?

The Peter’s Homes website we developed at is currently averaging over 450 unique visitors each week and 1,800 visitors each month. ~ Google Analytics statistics August 18, 2017