4 Ways to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors – KeywordFirst

Your biggest social media advocates might be hiding in plain sight: your employees. Compelling content, influencer outreach, and paid media are important elements of any social media strategy. But too often, businesses overlook or undervalue the role of their own people in building brand advocacy through social media. Your employees should be your biggest fans. …

Source: 4 Ways to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors – KeywordFirst

Sierra Vista logos designed for small business

Sierra Vista Websites designs logos

Logo design is one of our top branding services here at our studio. We love designing beautiful, representative and mobile friendly logos that immediately relay messages about your products, services and your business. Sierra Websites enjoys the creative process when handcrafting your trademark. We carefully produce three concepts that assist you with narrowing down the business product or service you offer to the community. Creating sierra vista logos requires a creative mind along with an artistic eye.

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Your Brand Persona – Font and Center! – brandiD

Much like constructing a dream home or planning a wedding, the design options for building your personal brand might seem endless.  From your over-arching website “look & feel” to branded logos, you’re making constant decisions for the big stuff down to every little nut and bolt, including the font you choose.   So what does […]

Source: Your Brand Persona – Font and Center! – brandiD


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